With Miami Swim Week over, we can now see what the summer 2020 swimwear trends have in store for us. Bigleys is getting new suits in daily, so have a look and find your favorite summer 2020 swimsuit look now! The one perfect swimsuit can make you feel super confident, but if you live down south for the winter or soak up the sun at the cottage, you might want multiple swimsuits that fit into a few of the summer 2020 trends.We have broken down the top trends into categories, including bright and fun colours & prints, cuts, embellishments, and even materials. There is something in there for everybody, with bright colors and unique designs for those who like to stand out and darker solids in more traditional cuts for those who like to quietly relax by the beach or pool without drawing attention.

#1. The Comeback of Animal Print

Animal print have been going strong in all categories for a few seasons now, so we weren’t surprised at all to see them as part of the summer 2020 swimwear trends. We saw all manner of animal prints used, including snakeskin and zebra, but of course the most ubiquitous were leopard and tiger prints. This is a great staple for your swim wardrobe if you want something flirt and fun! This is still one of the biggest swimsuit trends for 2020.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Animal Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis

#2. Flirty Florals

Cheerful florals are a natural print for swimwear, since they beautifully illustrate the joy of summer, and provide a very natural way of showcasing color. We saw lots of different kinds of floral prints, making this one of the more diverse summer 2020 swimwear trends. Whether your looking for bright and bold or delicate, at Bigley's Beach house we have lots to choose from!

#3. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has been making a slow and steady comeback on the runways for a while now, so we were not surprised to see tie-dye prints make it to the 2020 swimsuit trends. This style of print is born to make a statement.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tie-Dye Swimsuits & Bikinis

#4. Black Bikinis

A solid-colored bikini is never a bad idea, but we gotta admit that the darkest color that ruled the summer 2020 bikini trends was black. It is a classic staple for any vacation wardrobe. Black is a perfect colour to pair with prints or other colours if you like to mix and match your swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Black Swimsuits & Bikinis

#5. Chocolate Brown

The other color to catch our eyes for the summer 2020 swimsuits was chocolate brown & rust, which can look positively delectable on so many skin tones. If you’d like something understated but not mundane, this is a great choice.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Chocolate Brown Swimsuits & Bikinis

#6. Orange Is the Other Black

Our third breakout color for the summer 2020 swimsuit trends is bright orange. This cheerful, warm color looks great with nearly every skin tone, and it is just so gosh darn summery.

This is one of our favourite colours this season and carry several lines with the perfect shade for your time in the sun!

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Orange Swimsuits & Bikinis

#7. Shiny Metallics

If you like to be the center of attention at all times, and especially on the beach, then look out for the metallic summer 2020 swimsuits. This trend led to shimmery and eye-catching creations that are guaranteed to be blinding in the sun.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Metallic Swimsuits & Bikinis

#8. High Waisted Bottoms

High waisted bottoms are continuing to go strong for the summer 2020 swimsuit trends. These swimsuits are great for adding some coverage, especially around the belly, while still allowing you to show off a lot of sexy leg or cleavage.We are particularly in love with the high leg cut that lots of brands are coming out with this summer

Seafolly has some great styles in the beachouse this Spring to achieve that high waist look you are looking for!

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

#9. One-Shoulder Tops

You can’t go wrong with one of the one-shoulder summer 2020 swimsuits. They are chic and fashion-forward, and they allow you to show off a bit more skin without necessarily being all that revealing. This is the perfect alternative to the classic bikini top!

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: One-Shoulder Swimsuits & Bikinis

#10. Front Ties

Front ties are a classic design element for swimwear that we can’t help but smile at seeing again for next summer. For the summer 2020 swimwear trends, the front ties were used on all kinds of swimsuits, including both bikinis and one-pieces.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tie Front Bikini Tops

#11. High Neckline

For those of you who didn’t love the extreme V-neck trend of last year’s swimsuits, we’re happy to say that this season there were many high neckline options, especially for one-piece numbers.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: High-Neck Swimsuits

#12. Off-the-Shoulder

In some instances, as a subset of the long-sleeved swimsuit trend, off-the-shoulder swimwear was one of the more romantic 2020 swimsuit trends. Designs that left the shoulders bare felt feminine and alluring and will be very popular with those who’d like a totally unique swimsuit.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuits & Bikinis

#13. Ruffled Swimsuits

We don’t usually associate lush fabrics and voluminous shapes with swimwear, but those are exactly the kind of ruffles we can expect for the summer 2020 swimwear trends. There were also some smaller ruffles, used to embellish all different kinds of swimsuit parts.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Ruffled Swimsuits & Bikinis

#14. Peek-a-Boo One-Piece

What’s the only thing sexier than a bikini? A one-piece that shows off nearly as much skin as a bikini. One piece swimsuits are the fastest growing trend we see in all unique cuts to show off your body.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: One-Piece Swimsuits with Cutouts

#15. Every Body Is a Beach Body

The amount of model diversity at Miami Swim Week this year is also worth noting. It’s as though casting directors aimed to prove that everyone deserves to go to the beach in a swimsuit that they can feel comfortable and happy in.

We saw models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors on the runways. Notably, the Sports Illustrated and I Shine 365 runways both really showcased a diverse cast with many models with looks that do not adhere to outdated notions of what a swimsuit model is supposed to look like.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Beach Body Diversity

Photos via Mikhail Veter, Fashion Week Online