ON RUNNING  CLOUD X  Bigley Shoes and Clothing
ON RUNNING  CLOUD X  Bigley Shoes and Clothing
ON RUNNING  CLOUD X  Bigley Shoes and Clothing



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Welcome to zero gravity — engineering for those on a mission. The Cloud X is the result of what happens when you take the sole of the Cloud and remix it for athletes who don’t define themselves by any one sport, or any one type of workout. Soft landings. Explosive take-offs. A knit-weave on top and a speed-heel-cap to keep your heel on lock. Make no mistake, this is the lightest fully cushioned running shoe the world, your gym, and your feet have ever seen. All you have to do is get out and mix it up. FEATURES & BENEFITS: The thicker, wider bottom unit ensures stability, security, and support - whatever your workout. Larger CloudTec elements in the outsole are reinforced with Helion Superfoam for cushioning without compromise n a shoe that's constantly responsive. Sidewalls extend up from the outsole on the medial and lateral side to lock feet in place during dynamic side-to-side movements. The new heel cap features molded cushion pads for a discreet look with a supreme gold. Flexible but tough in all the right places, the engineered mesh upper features a function-focused weave pattern for increased durability and padding. Using materials of the highest quality and lowest weight, breathability is assured. For breathability and an irritation-free fit, the Cloud X tongue is integrated into the upper of the shoe. The no-sew design and sock layer lining ensure an inch-perfect fit for any activity that gets you fit. Category: Neutral Drop: 6 mm Weight: 8.1 oz

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