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ANITA- Prostheses Tankini Valbella

$215.00 CAD

ANITA- Prostheses Tankini Valbella- C & D CUP

SKU L6-6588

The elegance of a peacock has the prosthetic Tankini VALBELLA. Processed with soft shell and adjustable straps, he scores also with a 360 ° breast lining that shapes your neckline beautifully. The laterally adjustable gathering allows the shell to wear as a short beach dress. The pants are cut high and so concealed waist and hip.


* Soft shell

* 360 ° breast lining

* Adjustable straps

* Comfort Bottom


* From Gr. 46 wider vehicle

* Abgr. 46 carrier gain

* From Cup E carrier gain

material design

* Soft touch Powerware

material Uni

* Soft touch goods

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