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Why was this product created?
So authentic black truffles can be available year round at a reasonable price.

Distinctive features
Our dried black truffles are made from finely sliced, 100% Italian fresh truffles (a variety called Tuber aestivum Vitt. or summer truffle). Dehydrated, they fully retain their flavour and fragrant aromas. Soak them for 5 minutes in water, milk, cream or broth to enjoy just like fresh truffles. Since fresh truffles are very hard to find (and only in season), dried truffles are a way to add a luxurious touch to your dishes year round.

Production method
Truffles are rare, hard to find and hard to cultivate. They grow underground, at the foot of trees such as oak and hazelnut trees, both common in IT’s Piedmont region. Since they are not visible from the surface, sniffer dogs or pigs are used to locate them. Furthermore, there is no way of knowing if a truffle is mature until it is dug out.

Located in the high hills of Roccascalegna in Italy which enjoy a mild and temperate climate throughout the year, the recipes are made from raw materials having benefited from the best conditions to develop.

The artisans behind the product 
The Laurentiis family has carefully prepared several Italian specialties for two generations. Passionate, they share with pleasure authentic and traditional recipes more delicious than the last.

Ideal with pasta or in a risotto, they are also delicious on grilled meats or with fish, eggs or omelets.

Ingredients: Dried Italian black truffles, in flakes.      

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