3 Amazing Rain Boots For Spring

Some people have an aversion to the grey, chilly, wet month(s) of spring. However, if you dress well, it can often be as pleasant as a warm summer night. All you need is an umbrella (check out an amazing option by Hunter here), some good rain boots, and maybe a latte to keep away the cold. 

Rain boots have quickly became a stylish accessory, and here at Bigley's, we've made sure to provide our customers with a great selection to choose from. 

Here are a few to consider: 


A less traditional design, being significantly shorter than rain boots, the Miss Juliette definitely grabs the attention of the fashionista during the rainy season. The elevated heel, leather tassel, and unique shape make this boot a one-of-a-kind! Made in France.  


First introduced in 1956, the original tall gloss Hunter boot is handcrafted from 28 parts built on the original last for exceptional fit and comfort. This particular style is finished in a high gloss, 100% waterproof, and made of rubber. It's also available in a few different colours. 


Guaranteed to brighten up any rainy day, these genuine handcrafted rain booties are renown for comfort, and at a great price point ($79.99). Their additional stretch makes them easy to slip on, and they have a removable mesh insole. On top of that, their made with jersey lining, an anti-slip sole, and their 100% water proof. 


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