A Clark For Every Occasion

There are not many brands out there that have successfully conquered every shoe market, like Clarks. As I sit in the shoe department of Bigley Shoes and Clothing, I am trying to imagine an occasion for each Clarks. There are sport sandals, dress sandals, wedges, pumps, walking shoes, laces, velcro, flats, removable footbeds, trendy fashion statements, loafers and then of course every style for kids and men too. And that's just the summer line.

  Crumble Berry - Perfect for work

A brand so comfortable, I often have trouble buying something else. My feet can wear Clarks all day to work and still go dancing at night. The vast selection of styles make not only my eyes pop, but my grandmother's, my mother's, my children's and my husband's. A brand that crosses all generations, inspires both men and women and is made with such quality - it makes me love it more and more each season.

Oriana Billy - Perfect for dancing



Adrienne Harrop

Molly! Words cannot exeprss how wonderful these pictures are and how appreciative we are that you were able to do this for us on our special day!! Thank you so much for everything! We will see you in June!! : ) Adam and Danielle Brickner : ) !

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