A Style All His Own

Bigley Shoes and Clothing is typically known as a fashion mecca for women.  The glitz and glitter from all the Women's Departments usually overshadow the tweeds and plaids of the Men's Store, but not any more.

Typically, as the crowds of shoppers wonder through the stores dedicated to women's clothing, shoes and bathing suits, they comment on the products, the beauty and the buildings.  The Men's Department, in turn, becomes a retreat where men, waiting for their better halves.  Well that's all changed.  In 2015, Bigley is celebrating the Men! 


Throughout the winter, the Bigley's crew designed a sophisticated and stylish new Men's Store - WOW, it's really amazing!  The Men's Store was closed for renovations during the entire month of March.  It re-opened Easter weekend to rave reviews.  At last, not just a gathering place for all the men, who "happily" shop while at the cottage, but a place where the Men will flock instead of fish, to a Men's Store that may just outshine all that female glitz.


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